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Hatha Yoga

Yoga is not only those fancy poses (asanas) that you see. Yoga is a thousands years old discipline, a life style, a way of being and thinking. Yoga transforms you while uniting your body, soul, mind and breathing. Yoga helps you enjoy your life more and improves your well being with heightening your every day awareness. I must admit that it can be also extremely fun to try new poses and challenge your body ;) You might get a few surprises along the way.


Hatha yoga, as an ancient tradition, aims to create balance by uniting opposites in our bodies. Each class contains asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing) practices and deep relaxation. While strengthening your body, toning your muscles it also increases flexibility. It is known to counteract posture problems, sluggishness, depression, stress and many other problems that we face in modern life. By aligining your breath with the poses it allows you to deepen your practice and spiritual journey. Spare yourself an hour or two completely with "you", feeling comfortable and wonderful in your skin. 


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